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SOG PowerPint Mini Multi-Tool

Updated: Jan 10, 2023


So I’ve had the PowerPint for a few months now. I’ve used it nearly every single day and still love it.

I’ve noticed 1 thing and I hope SOG takes note. The file now sometimes gets pushed out when I close the pliers. It seems to be caused by other tools on that side having been opened. It’s actually caused the pliers to not be able to be shut more than once now. It’s not a reason to not buy the PowerPint, hard stop. It’s still the best pocket size multi tool available in my opinion. I just hope SOG works on this and solves it.

SOG, talk to me and I’ll work with you to make this tool even better.


I got the SOG PowerPint last week for Fathers Day and in general I LOVE it. It's small enough to fit in the change pocket of my jeans but big enough to actually be useful. The black finish is great though it's starting to wear already but I dig that look.

My only 2 problems with the PowerPint are that the scissors are ridiculously difficult to get out and that the scissor handles overlapped once (not in a good way).

For starters I figured the difficulty in getting the scissors out would go down over time but it's not, even after I put a bit of WD40 on it. I've been fidgeting with the PowerPint over the last week and all the other tools have gotten easier to whip out but the scissor. Part of the problem is the placement of the clip and that it's not notched out to allow for a better angle with your finger to open the scissors. Second is that there are just too many tools on this half of the PowerPint. The can opener and the bottle opener should just be 1 tool to allow for more space on this half of the handle.

My other issue is that probably because I was fidgeting with the scissors so much I pushed them in wrong or at a wrong angle and the handle closed over itself and resulted in it being twice as thick. It's only happened once but I'm concerned now at how well the scissors will cut in the future. It's probably my fault but it shouldn't have happened.

Overall I LOVE this multi-tool. It's been used every single day since I got it and I will continue to use it. If I could make one change it would just to make the can opener and bottle opener one longer tool allowing for more room for the scissor to function a little better.

Next time I give a multi-tool as a gift I can assure you it will be this SOG PowerPint.

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