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Marbero 200W Portable Power Station Review

Last year (sorry Marbero that it’s taken so long to get your review out) Marbero was kind enough to share their 200watt Portable Power Station with me. I’ve been using it on and off for several different things. For starters, when they offered it to me I didn’t know much about portable power and was hoping it would power my fridge even just for a few hours. Well come to find out it wouldn’t and I’m pretty bummed.

After I looked into it I knew what to expect and now I’m very happy with it. I am able to power my old MacBook Pro laptop all day, charge all our phones at least once during the day and I also charged some headlamps that day. Then to recharge it I plugged in the Moolsun solar panel the next day but oddly enough it must have been June because it was cloudy and overcast the entire day. Though the next day was nice and I powered up the Marbero battery in a few hours.

This isn’t a detailed review with statistics and measurements but I can tell you on a road trip my family took a few months ago, I brought the Marbero so my kids could charge their Chromebooks while we were on the move because I wanted them to keep up with their school work because we pulled them out of school for 1 day. The battery worked well and they were able to charge their phones to tether to and their laptops are were in class all day from the back seat.

I’ve been very happy with this small portable battery and If it’s what you’re looking for I suggest giving it a try.


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