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MOOLSUN 25W Solar Panel Review

This Moolsun 25W Solar Panel review is interesting because I really don’t know a whole lot about solar… Also I didn’t know how to measure how efficiently/properly etc. this thing works.

Well based on what I wanted it to charge the Marbero 200W Portable Power Station it is very capable on a sunny day.

I’m not sure if all or even any other solar panels have a gauge showing how efficient it is. I was happy to be able to adjust it’s angle to get the most bang for my UV buck… The Moolsun 25W Solar Panel came with a whole slew of connection cables and has 1 USB C and 1 USB 3 charging port as well as an XT60 and DC to power devices.

It comes in a vinyl bag with a pocket for all the plugs and wires. Set up was a piece of cake. You pull it out and unsnap a strap on the back and it folds out. You can easily fine tune the angle to get more power generated.

I doubt it’s water resistant but I did leave it out overnight and in the morning it had dew all over but worked fine that day to charge the Marbero 200W Portable Power Station.

Finally, I like this solar panel but for it to charge anything bigger then the Marbero I’ll need to get 3 more panels to get up to the 100 watt mark.


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