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LifeProof Next Review

LifeProof has been making rock solid waterproof phone cases for many years now and they have started 2 new lines of cases. The biggest difference from their older cases are these cases are not waterproof because so many phones come manufactured to be "oops I dropped my phone in the toilet" proof.

I've been using the LifeProof NEXT case for a few months now and it's been mostly a great experience. For starters the case is clear with a ribbon of rubber around the edge so you get to enjoy the way your phone looks. The charging port on my iPhone 8 is protected from the outside world (like sand) with a rubber flap that closes snugly. Supposedly the case makes my phone drop proof up to X feet but I'm not willing to test that for you.

As a whole the phone feels great in my hand with this case on though it is significantly bigger in all dimensions (there's no getting around that) but if you like using an OtterBox or similar case this won't be any bigger. Additionally I feel like my phone is almost as safe as if it was in one of the other model cases like the LifeProof Fre. The Next case does not cover the front of the phone with plastic but it has a pretty significant bezel to keep your screen from hitting the floor if you drop it. Lastly my iPhone 8 will still charge wirelessly through this case.

On the flip side there is no plastic covering the front of the phone so if you put your keys in the same pocket as your phone the screen won't be protected. Also you have to make sure your mute/silent switch is placed properly in the case otherwise it won't work. I don't think this is a problem as long as you know about it.

I do have 1 gripe about this case and keep in mind this was a VERY early on version so hopefully it's fixed now but the case doesn't close 100% at the top, I can fit a fingernail in there...

All in all I really like this case and if you're okay with the size I think it could be the right case for you.

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