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Active Strap Apple Watch Bands By UAG

After years of using the silicone watch bands for my Apple Watch UAG sent out some “Active Straps” for me to review. Let’s just say I LOVE them. I have been using their orange Active Strap for about a month or so and it’s become irreplaceable.

For starters all 3 colors look great and they are masculine. There’s nothing small or dainty about them. The nylon Straps are over an inch wide and the metal hook or clasp is even wider. You can’t forget you’re wearing this think and it will be seen. It is a chunky monkey and I really like it. At first I thought it was a bit much but now it’s grown on my and I LOVE it. The Velcro is strong and hasn’t broken down at all but it’s only been no more then 6 weeks so no promises there but for now it’s still 100%.

I highly recommend the UAG Active Straps bands in all 3 colors and to be honest I didn’t think I’d ever use the orange color but boy or boy do I like it. I haven’t even use the other ones yet because the orange looks so good.

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