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We live in a SICK world with school shootings. 

Your children deserve to have lifesaving tools in their classrooms.


How to get Tourniquets into Classrooms

To get the same lifesaving gear I put in my daughters school (3 tourniquets/pressure bandages, gauze and gloves in each classroom) your school needs to raise approximately $70 per classroom. I used the Parent Association group chat and suggest each parent give $10 per child. The necessary rate of participation is VERY LOW. I will order everything that goes in the kits, we will assemble them and you distribute them to each classroom. 

Who are we?

When the tragic Uvalde, Texas shooting occurred Jeb Brilliant decided that his daughters school needs tourniquets in every single classroom.  Jeb raised the money necessary from the parents, purchased the lifesaving equipment, packed it and placed it in the classrooms. 

That is how Tourniquets4All started. 

Jeb believes every school should have multiple tourniquets in every single classroom.


"I teach my kids NOT to be victims so when my daughters were 10 and 13 they learned how to apply a tourniquet. I gave my daughter going into high school a tourniquet to carry in her backpack." -Jeb 

How to apply a Tourniquet

CAT Tourniquet

ESMARK Tourniquet

SWAT-T Tourniquet

Get in touch with questions or when you want to put tourniquets in your classrooms.

We are based in Long Beach, CA


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